My name is Katie Vaheb. I am a wife, mom of two, and I am a reformed tired parent! After my son was born, I remember getting him home and realizing that I had not one clue about baby sleep! I thought it would all be a piece of cake and that babies just slept! Boy, was I wrong! My husband and I were as tired and desperate as can be, so we tried anything and everything to try and get our little guy to sleep… And when I say everything, I mean everything… Sleeping on us, sleeping in the swing, Rockin’ Play, feeding to sleep, and so on! On top of that, he had dairy protein intolerance, and silent reflux, so we always just blamed his poor sleep habits on that, and thought that’s how it was always going to be. That is when a friend mentioned the Family Sleep Institute to me. I started doing a little research, got involved in the Facebook group, and that’s when I started learning about healthy sleep habits for babies, and that my little guy was capable of being a rock star sleeper! Since then, I’ve been that sleep lady for all my friends and family, so I decided what better way to share my passion than to study, practice and be able to help other tired folks!

             I’ve had the honor of extensive training under the renowned founder or the Family Sleep Institute, Deborah Pederick. Under her guidance, I have learned how to consult and coach families to get their little ones the sleep that they need. I have helped many families see the true value of a good night sleep, and Restful Dreams, and yours’ can be next!

Prior to being a Sleep Consultant, I taught 4th grade in Fairfield, CT, and also taught Zumba! I am so passionate about sleep, and more importantly, helping you! Please contact me today to schedule a 15 minute chat! Let’s get sleeping!